#SÆBY for Frederikshavn Kommune


Frederikshavn,  a Regional Council of Denmark and  Orange Elevator business and strategy consultants aimed to raise the profile of Sæby, a small but beautiful coastal town in northern Denmark.


 Visual identity, Design guidelines, logo design, iconography, technical advice and client pitch.


An interactive web portal which Integrated social media channels such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and event calender, job advertisement database and real estate agencies provided new exposure for the town


Share it

A share function allows visitors to easily share the site on their Facebook page and Twitter creating an easy link between the Social media tools. Real time updates from local community Facebook and Twitter users are posted to the web-portal.


The Logo

The 'Sæbyliv' or in english 'Seaby-life' logo was designed to imitate the natural environment of the town and community. The font is sweet simple,and flowing reflecting the simplistic friendly nature of the town and its beautiful seaside location.



Headline - Roboto, Bold



Secondary - Roboto, Thin










The colors and font used were taken from the towns crest and are inspired by the beautiful natural environment of the small coastal town. Blues and grays dominate the color spectrum reflecting the water, and soft  Danish light, with vivid sunshine yellow brighting the palate.




The web portal is optimized to fully function on desktop. Although there is no specific mobile site, the design is created to fully function on smaller mobile devices.




To create a web portal for the town that would unite the local community bringing together local organizations, businesses and individuals to share, support,advertise and reach out to community members and the rest of Denmark.


Locals and visitors of Sæby can upload pictures to the site by hashtaging Sæby on Instagram. People are able to share photos of their experiences, events and the local environment helping to document the spirit of Sæby on the web portal.


Editors highlights

The editor of the site is able to select local events or campaigns and repost them to the front page helping build awareness around important events for the town.



Event calender

The portal has an event calendar which enables visitors to the site to add important dates, happenings, local occasions and public events. The calendar allows the community to keep up to up to date or draw attention to what is happening around them in their local environment.

Sponsored links

The portal hosts local businesses and organizations helping to advertise and providing exposure for their service or product. The web portal includes a page for local listings of available jobs in the area and listings for housing accommodation.




Visitors to the portal are able to sign up to receive regular updates via an online newsletter.


Find it on the map

The map acts as a local business directory allowing users to easily find local companies or locations. The mapped locations are color-coded for quick navigation and overview and are linked with a short description, picture and contact details.


To the right of the map teaser campaigns can be added and changed by the editor to promote business on the map.


The client wanted a design that would allow them to adapt the site independently giving them autonomy to alter the content and focus of the  website and keep the site up to date and current.


Pay a visit to the Sæby website